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pillowg Pro™ Body & Neck Massage Pillow

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pillowg Pro™ Body & Neck Massage Pillow

Wrapped in happiness, anytime, anywhere. 

8 Benefits of the pillowg Pro™

  Relieve chronic muscle pain

  Reduce muscle stiffness

  Loosen tight muscles

  Improve blood flow and circulation

  Increase flexibility

  Relieve migraines and headaches

  Improve sleep quality

  Enhance a good healthy posture 

    ***** "15 minutes of use and my tight neck muscles are completely loosened up!! This massage pillow is MAGICAL!" - Lauren M. -

    Between slouching in office chairs and staring at cell phones, it’s no surprise that back pain plagues people of all ages. In fact, up to 80% of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives (source: American Chiropractic Association). Before you concede to suffering in silence, it’s worth considering some simple solutions that may help—as a personal back massager.

    The pillowg Pro™ Body & Neck Massage Pillow brings an ergonomic, humanized design that supports the natural curvature of the back and neck area. The shape of this cushion emerged from years of study into the right curves and contours to fit the body just right to ensure the best healing and relaxing effects possible.

    The ergonomic S-Shape design restores natural space between cervical vertebrae. Feel the relaxing and soothing difference within minutes!

    Enhances correct posture of the lower back, cervical vertebrae, and shoulders. Supports your neck or back while sitting for long periods, while working or driving a car. pillowg Pro™ can be used as a support cushion only as well to prevent neck, back, or shoulder pain. 

    pillowg Pro™ is noticeably different from all other massage pillows on the market. An innovative patented design with S-Type Spine & Neck Support and a large massage area to reach all pain points in a careful manner.

    Most massage pillows only use 8 massage heads. The pillowg Pro™ Body & Neck Massage Pillow features an incredible sixteen massage heads that push in and out due to their different size, providing a superior and more penetrating massage into the muscles. 

    pillowg Pro™ is powered by a pure ultra-silent copper endurance motor built to last for countless massage sessions while ensuring a low-noise, relaxing experience.

    The included AC adapter for your car allows a passenger to enjoy the pillowg Pro™ on the go and its lightweight construction makes it extremely mobile and easy to transport. 

    Turn on the infrared heating while getting a massage for an effective penetrating warmth that’s designed to loosen muscles and stimulate blood flow and you’ll feel the day's stress melt away.

    Forget paying a fortune and travel to a masseuse for back relief; now your back relief can travel with you, in the form of this game-changer! The pillowg Pro™ Body & Neck Massage Pillow features 6 remarkable massage modes, imitating a human hand massage.

    Advanced Massage Technology that provides authentic and effective shiatsu strokes: Push, Press, Squeeze

    Deep Tissue Kneading Technique: Rub, Pinch, Roll

    Why pillowg Pro™ Body & Neck Massage Pillow?

      Large massage area > reach all critical pain points effectively

      Wide massage application > neck, shoulders, middle & lower back, waist, abdomen, calves, arm

      Imitating human hand massage > 6 massage modes

      Infrared heating > stimulates muscles and enhance blood flow

      S-Shape humanized design > restores natural space between cervical vertebrae

      Enhances correct posture > relief lower back, neck and shoulders by only using it as a support cushion

      Affordable & Portable > costs less than one or two massage session > Massage On The Go

      Superior Quality > skin-friendly leather, 16 massage heads, copper motor built to last a lifetime

    In the box

    1 x Pillowg Pro™ Body & Neck Massage Pillow

    1 x Car AC Adapter

    1 x Detailed User Manual


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