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BugFree Foldable Mosquito Net

BugFree Foldable Mosquito Net

BugFree Foldable Mosquito Net

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Are Mosquitos Torturing You At Night?...and leave you unrested in the morning with inflamed, swollen bites?

Here Is Your Solution - The Bugfree Foldable Mosquito Net

Why you will love it?

  • Enjoy a peaceful sleep and wake up without a single mosquito bite! Yeah, finally!

  • Stay healthy! Climate change is contributing to an increased population of mosquitoes transferring potentially dengue fever, zika virus, and yellow fever. 
  • Fresh air circulation - though 100% protection thanks to the newly developed encrypted mesh technology
  • Rest in a sort of "Celebrity Style"
  • Reduce electricity consumption and harmful side effects of other devices and sprays

  • Easy to assemble in a matter of seconds


What do other customers say?

It's that time of year again where these annoying pests start flying around the house. Over the next few months, the risk of unpleasant inflamed mosquito bites is significantly higher. Not to mention the health hazard that they bring. Get to wake up without a single mosquito bite with our Folding Mosquito Net. The enhanced micro pattern net makes it impossible for Mosquitoes to access your inner sleeping space. 

With the use of the Bugfree Foldable Mosquito Net, you will get to reduce electricity consumption from electric insect repellents. Reduce the risk of harmful side effects from toxic sprays and insecticides too!

The Bugfree Folding Mosquito Net is easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes it perfect for your bedroom or for when you're camping. Get the comfortable and insect-free sleep that you deserve. 


  • Mosquito Repellent - By simply installing the Folding Mosquito Net on your bed, you get to prevent not just mosquito bites but from all kinds of insects. This will surely give you the comfortable sleep that you deserve. 

    • Fresh Air Circulation - The Folding Mosquito Net's holes are designed to be so small that not even the tiniest mosquito can get in but can still maintain and give you fresh air circulation while you sleep. The net is made of high-quality encrypted mesh being cut-resistant, waterproof, anti-mosquito proof, and breathable. Other nets on the market lack this special technology!
    • Foldable - You can unfold and fold the Folding Mosquito Net easily. That means you can assemble and disassemble it in a matter of seconds. Plus, storage won't be a problem too. This is indeed perfect for indoor and outdoor situations like camping. 
    • Reduce Toxic Sprays - The Folding Mosquito Net gets rid of mosquitos totally and gives you no reason to still use harmful toxic sprays and insecticides that can cause unpredictable side effects.  


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    Product Specifications


    Measurement: length x width x height e.g. 190 cm length x 160 cm width x 80 cm height

    Please select your preferred size with the "Size" button above

    Available Sizes:

    Adult L: 190 cm length x 160 cm width x 80 cm height

    Adult S: 190cm x 100cm x 80cm

    Child L: 123cm x 64cm x 45cm

    Child XL: 140cm x 60cm x 60cm

    Weight: 2050g

    Material: cotton canvas with a rigid backing

    Package contains:

    1 x Bugfree Foldable Mosquito Net

    1 x Storage & Transport Bag

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    Does this work for my shoulders & back?

    Yes! The pillowg Pro™ is designed ergonomically to massage neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back. Provides fast and effective muscle pain relief.

    How well does this work for shoulders & back muscles?

    Extremely well. The pillowg Pro™ is designed ergonomically to allow you to position it however you want to easily target tight shoulder muscles and back muscles while most importantly "hitting the right spot".

    How often can I use the massager?

    Recommended use for each muscle group is approx. 15 minutes. 

    Does it have heating function?

    Yes! The pillowg Pro™ has an infrared-heating functionality that effectively relaxes tight muscles. Using the therapeutic heating functionality will improve blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation. 

    How is it powered?

    The pillowg Pro™ is wired massager using standard AC Adapter with US/EU/AU plug type (please select). The cord is 2 meters long allowing more freedom of use.

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