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Stronger than Strong - The ROCKBROS Fingerprint U Lock

Stronger than Strong - The ROCKBROS Fingerprint U Lock

Stronger than Strong - The ROCKBROS Fingerprint U Lock

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  • made from cut-resistant steel

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The numbers are alarming!

According to the latest FBI Uniform Crime Report, from 2017 to 2019, bicycle theft in the United States rose (on average) 14% each year.  On average, over 188,500 bicycle thefts are reported stolen each year in the United States, a statistic that in itself is staggering when one also considers the number of bicycle thefts that go unreported.

Number 1 recommendation: 

Purchase a good lock.  No lock can guarantee that a bike won’t get stolen, but the more money that is invested in a good, sturdy lock; the harder it will be for a would-be thief to steal a bike.  Bicycle thieves look for the easiest lock to cut when they are looking to steal a bike, which makes thin, cheap locks a thief magnet.  Two of the more trusted and widely used lock options are a D or U Lock, or a thick cable lock.  It is also recommended that cyclists lock both the bike frame and the wheels to the immovable object, so investing in 2 sturdy locks may be another good idea to deter would-be thieves. 


Don't take a chance and secure your beloved bike properly with the Rockbros Fingerprint U Lock! 

It is simply Stronger than strong!


Secure and Hassle-Free, the Rockbros Fingerprint U Lock will protect your bike even from the most skilled thieves! The Rockbros is made of powerful cut-resistant steel and a strong, stylish aluminum alloy cover. Equipped with a precise and swift fingerprint reader for fast and hassle-free unlocking!

Fingerprint Set-Up:

Setting up this lock is very similar to setting up a fingerprint on a smartphone.

1. Use any finger to enter the fingerprint recognition port. The green LED flashes while you hear two sounds. It will unlock.

2. Within 5 seconds after unlocking, when the green LED is on, put the finger that you want to enter as your fingerprint on top of the fingerprint recognition port for 4 seconds. You will hear a sound, that means you entered the input mode. Liftoff your finger.

3. Use the same finger to press 8 times continuously and you will hear a sound every time. The last time when you hear two sounds, lift off your finger. After 10 seconds, the LED will go out and the recording will be completed. Now you can use your fingerprint to unlock.



Material: Cut-resistant Steel, Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions: 7.48" x 4.72" x 1.45"
Battery: Lithium 420mAh
Weight: 0.96lb.
Inside: Fingerprint U Lock, 2 Keys


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Fred Pontisku

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Finally I have a good feeling riding my bike when it is getting dark. The Lumipower Bike Light is so bright and lets me see 200m ahead. I can' t believe it!

Mike Pensberg

My product arrived quickly and is exactly as in the description. Thank you for an awesome service!

Alice Bergman
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