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ROCKBROS Lux™ Helmet

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  • Be visible in any situation

  • See better for yourself in dark conditions

  • High-Quality components, waterproof

  • adjustable to any head size, comfortable fit

Stand Out on the Road

The ROCKBROS Lux™ Helmet is equipped with powerful 2000ma LEDs in the front, back and sides of the helmet to ensure other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are able to see you before an accident even has a chance to occur.

Be visible!


Be on the Safe Side

A 2018 study in California has shown that more than 82% of cycling accidents happen at night due to low visibility. In fact: Cyclists are 15 times more likely than drivers to be killed. The number one risk factor is the lack of visibility. Even in daylight conditions, the helmet can draw critical attention to you which is may be needed in certain situations e.g. dead angle perspective of the driver. 

Be awareRather safe than sorry!


Get the Attention of Drivers 

The ROCKBROS Lux™ Helmet provides 6 different lighting modes.

Tap on the control board to switch between them.


Easy to use but powerful in action

With three different front light modes, you have the possibility to turn on different lights and adjust luminosity. Furthermore, you can push the operating headlight lever forward to adjust the angle and focus of the light: the light gathers. It can be adjusted up and down about 20 degrees. 




aeProduct.getSubject()Waterproof and Insect-Proof

Our helmets are protected from water impact, so you can be sure that the lights won’t go down if you happen to ride in the rain. Also comes with an integrated insect net to protect you from all the nasty bugs out there!


Adjustable Design and 100% fit 

The integrated molded lining structure ensures a perfect fit. The helmet is highly adjustable covering a wide circumference from 57cm to 62cm. 


Rechargeable Battery

Conveniently charge with the provided USB cable. It takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge. The battery lasts 4-5 hours in mighty mode, 9-10 hours in low mode, and over 24 hours in flash mode.


Go on an Adventure!

The ROCKBROS Lux™ Helmet can be used in a number of ways beyond cycling. Be it hiking, camping, or having to use it as a perfect flashlight at night. The ROCKBROS Lighted Helmet is there for you!


Multi-Purpose Helmet

The useability of the ROCKBROS Lux™ Helmet goes way beyond biking. It is perfectly usable for various activities such as riding, rock climbing, skateboarding, ice skating, sledding, water sports. 


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Product Specifications

Battery lifetime: Once fully charged, the battery lasts 24 hours.

Lumen of front light: You can switch between a 200 Lumen and 450 Lumen mode.


I have bought the Virtue Screen Amplifier to watch movies with the kids when we are on camping trips. What a blast! It was worth every penny.

Fred Pontisku

Finally a solution against mosquito bites which works! My daughter and me can finally sleep peacefully at night. 

Maria Rodriguez

Finally I have a good feeling riding my bike when it is getting dark. The Lumipower Bike Light is so bright and lets me see 200m ahead. I can' t believe it!

Mike Pensberg

My product arrived quickly and is exactly as in the description. Thank you for an awesome service!

Alice Bergman
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