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Conture Pro Posture Improver

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Conture Pro Posture Improver

Conture Pro is a new concept of posture improvement using critical muscles to either stretch or strengthen them without having to wear a permanent device

What is the main cause of bad posture?

Over time a poor posture demands support from phasic muscle fibers, which are normally only used during movement and spontaneous activity. The extensive use of phasic muscle fiber causes the deeper supporting muscles to waste away from lack of use. Weak, unused muscles tend to tighten and this shortening of muscle length can compact the bones of the spine (vertebrae) and worsen posture.


A bad posture is so to speak caused by muscular imbalances in the body. Tight, shortened, unused muscles are pulling the neck and shoulders forward. Other muscles like the shoulder muscles are weak and stretched failing to create a counter force keeping the upper body in an upright position. 


Here Conture Pro comes in creating two positive effects:

1. Stretching the entire upper body: Tight, shortened muscles are stretched out in their natural position, supporting a better overall posture. Shoulders point down, and the neck is held in a neutral position

2. Strengthening of important counter muscles: Using Conture Pro for 10-15 Minutes a day strengthens shoulder and upper back center muscles (e.g. Trapezius and Deltoid), creating the necessary counter force to keep your upper back straight and the neck in neutral. 


Correct Posture & Relieve Back Pain: Improve your posture and well-being with only 10-20 Minutes of training a day. Start slowly as the exercise is quite a powerful stretching and strengthening of the critical muscles. Regular exercise with Conture Pro will create a subconscious"memory effect", supporting your posture in the long run. At the same time, it will relieve muscle tension and back or neck pain, boosting your self-confidence. 


Adjustable Design: To meet your various length needs, you can adjust the length of the Conture Pro Bar according to your height and exercise requirements! Conture Pro is appropriate for people of all ages, tall and short, beginners and experts alike.

Build a Beautiful Figure: Conture Pro helps to shape a beautiful figure and appearance. It improves hunchback, chest expansion, open back, and standing training, as well as correcting and tightening the waist, and front of the neck. 

Durable & Comfortable: The reinforced stainless steel pole is strong and durable, safe and environmentally friendly, and does not hurt hands. The high-density foam covering the steel poles is soft and comfortable. You can use it without any discomfort.

Thoughtful Gift: Family members and friends with posture problems will benefit from Conture Pro. Conture Pro is an excellent gift, everyone will surely love it after using it.

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