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Cyclopedia LED Safety Vest

$49.95 USD
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Cyclopedia LED Safety Vest

Are you at times worried about your and the safety of your loved ones while cycling, running, or playing? 

Until now, the only equipment that could help see a bike, runner, or children in the dark was small low-intensity red taillights, flashlights, or a standard reflective vest. However, the Cyclopedia LED Signal Vest is powerful enough to help all cyclists and the mentioned to be more visible while riding both day and night and is equipped with a wireless remote control flashing system!

The Cyclopedia LED Signal Vest is as just as effective during the day and when it is raining or snowing, which is when most motorists have poor visibility due to bad weather. It is incredibly effective at increasing visibility, informing other drivers on the road about where you are turning, and preventing potential accidents which can save your life!

The  Cyclopedia LED Signal Vest is operated by a wireless remote control and is intuitive and simple to use. The remote control buttons create flashing LED arrows on your vest to inform drivers of your presence and where are you going. It can signal right, left, straight, and stop, giving clear indications to drivers around you. 

The vest is also very easy and convenient to put on. Two adjustable straps make it compatible with all sizes, including children and adults. It can be used by all members of the family. The safety vest can be worn over any thick jacket or coat or even a backpack or school bag. 

The  Cyclopedia LED Signal Vest is perfect for:

  • For all cyclists
  • For children on bikes
  • For children on scooters
  • For joggers jogging at dawn or after dark
  • For children who walk along a road out of school, the vest fits perfectly over the schoolbag.
  • For pedestrians or hikers who must walk in the dark along a road. This vest fits perfectly over the backpack.
  • For all motorists who break down or have an accident at night




Superb visibility! Made for anyone on the road! 

Be visible from hundreds of meters and easily spotted from every angle, especially in poor light conditions. Switch between 4 different modes on the Wireless Remote Control - extremely useful not only for cyclists but also for runners, joggers, road emergencies, and any situation where visibility is paramount.


Easy to use and operate

Show your intentions to other road users by activating the LED indicators embedded in the vest. With the small and detachable wireless remote placed on the handlebar of your bike, you can easily activate the signals by pressing the corresponding button.


Versatile and packable

The Cyclopedia LED Safety Vest has been conceived to be as packable as possible. You can bring it with you in your backpack when you don't wear it. The vest is also very adaptable clothing that can be worn over anything, from a summer t-shirt to a winter coat. With the adjustable buckle, it fits any body size.

Weatherproof and water-resistant

The LED lights, hidden and integrated into the vest, are covered by a high-performance resin, making them extremely shock-resistant and guaranteeing excellent waterproof capability.

More visible than reflectors

LED warning lights are extremely visible and much more effective than reflectors and plain bright-colored clothing. You can wear them in the dark, rain, snow, and even during the day for maximum visibility

Use the light from the others to make yourself the most visible as possible. Carefully placed reflective bands will enhance your presence on the road without wasting any battery.

USB-Rechargeable Battery

Never waste money on batteries again! The Cyclopedia LED Safety Vest recharges from your computer or any device with a USB port with the included USB-Rechargeable Cable.


In The Box

1 x Cyclopedia LED Safety Vest

1 x Remote Control

4 x Handlebar Straps

1 x USB Cable (with built-in pendant)

1 x Manual



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