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UltraZoom 16x Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope

UltraZoom 16x Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope

UltraZoom 16x Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope

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We’ve all been there. You have a beautiful shot lined up on your camera but notice you are just a bit out of range to fully capture the moment. We have the solution! Our 16x Zoom Phone Camera Lens will ensure you always get the perfect shot no matter how far away you are!

Compatible with all smartphones, tablets, etc.

16x Zoom Optical Lens Mobile Phone Telescope Camera Lens

With this lens, you can see the image 16X enlarged on your Cell phone

Capture distant object with ease

Can be used as monocular

The lens comes with manual focus functionality enabling you to take DSLR type pictures

No battery/charging required to operate this lens

Easy Installation

With the Universal clip, the lens can easily be attached for use and removed when not needed

Material: Aluminium and Highest Quality Glass

Package includes:

1x 18xTelephoto Lens, 1x Holder, 1x Wipe Cloth, 1 x black Pouch,

1 x Lens Cap



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