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    "Gentle to ligaments & joints, tough to muscles. Effective strength building at its best!."
    - Robert Alexander - Fitness Instructor

One Training Set

Every Workout

FlexPress Strength Training Set

$189.00 USD$89.00 USD

Say "Goodbye" to heavy, expensive gym equipment and "Hello" to your portable, affordable, full body-workout training set at home or on-the-go. 

  • Premium Training System 
  • 2-Years Warranty
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We keep things Simple, Easy and Effective to reach your Fitness Goals!

Select your favourite resistance level, the set option and place your order!

We process your order within 48 hours and you will receive it in between 7-14 working days.

Strengthen your entire body, build muscles and just feel good!

Full Body Training Concept
Everyday you can condition a different part of your body with only one piece of equipment
Strength & Muscle Training Anywhere 
FlexPress Heavy Resistance Technology simulates true power and replaces heavy weights completely
Fat Burning
Loose weight & body fat by simply adjusting the resistance level according to your needs
Achieve Your Fitness Goals & Save Money
Exercise consistently from the convenience of your home or while travelling, no expensive gym needed

Heavy Resistance Technology

Simply The Most Advanced Resistance Band

  • Fast Release Resistance Tube: Designed to withstand true force. Made of high-density natural latex, covered by a fabric sleeve to increase durability & safety

  • Padded Exercise Belt: Double layer foam pad for comfort and shape during exercises

  • Premium Steel Bar: Soft rubber handles to prevent slipping. Detachable heavy-duty rod

Up to 90kg / 200lb of resistance!

Specially sourced high-density natural latex ensures consistent resistance over long periods.

Our test team of professional body builders did not note any faults or decrease in performance over a six month test period.

That's why we are confident to offer a two-year-warranty!

FlexPress Patented Belt System

Adjustable Resistance

  • Patented Belt System allows you to have 2, 4 or 6 resistance tubes on the belt. Each tube can be quick & easily adjusted within seconds

  • Perfect to accommodate your individual workout goals

  • Choose between four different resistance tube ranges

50+ Workouts

One Training Set

Bench Press, Seated Row, Biceps Curl, you name it! Get the results you want training at home or on the-go. Check out our extension set to create even more workouts.

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    (698 reviewers)
$89.00 USD$189.00 USD53%OFF
  • Train anytime anywhere

  • Full-body-workout

  • Save money on bulky equipment & gym fees

Beginner/Ladies 36kg/79lbMen 48kg/106lbAdvanced Men 69kg/152lbMen Professional 90kg/198lb
Resistance Band onlyResistance Band & Puller Bar

In The Box

1x FlexPress Padded Exercise Belt

6x Belt Tubes

1x Workout Manual

1x Padded Steel Bar (optional)

  • Free Insured Worldwide Shipping - no matter where you are
  • 2-Years Warranty on functionality & performance
Note: If you have any questions regarding shipping or the FlexPress Training Set please get in contact with us.


"My name is Mark and I struggle to keep in shape.  I was of the belief that I would never find a solution to the issue until I purchased this fantastic FlexPress Strength Training Set! It has worked for me every time I have worked out. Boy, these muscles are burning;-) The perfect supplementary piece of equipment to my nutritional program." - Mark from Texas, USA.

Real Reviews from Real People

  • OVER 11.000 UNITS SOLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build muscles and strength with resistance bands?
Numerous studies have proven that the gains from training with resistance bands are equal to the gains from training with weights and machines. At the same time the strain put on ligaments and joints is significantly less. Additionally the improvement in resistance band technology means that we can provide you with a strenuous workout up to 90kg/198lb. The training effect is very powerful, Don't be fooled by the innocent look of the bands;-)
Can I return my order if I do not like it?
Yes, we offer a full 30-days no questions asked guarantee. Just return the product and we refund the full purchase price.
What are the resistance bands made off and is there any guarantee?
The FlexPress bands are made from the high density natural latex and the bar is made from solid steel. We have tested FlexPress extensively, which is why we are 100% confident to offer a 24-month warranty on the entire Training Set. 
What resistance level is right for me?
Our FlexPress 48kg Training Set is the most popular as it provides a decent workout for most people.

If you have worked out before you probably have an idea how much you can bench press, seated row etc… then choose a set that matches the weights you would normally workout with at a gym.

If you are still wondering, we have pulled together a simply guide to help point you in the right direction.

There are 4 resistance levels for different groups:

- Beginner / Ladies (36kg / 79lb): "I have never worked out." Perfect for beginners looking to start resistance training.

- Men (48kg / 106lb): "I workout occasionally." Perfect for people who who have developed some level of strength prior to training.

- Advanced Men (69kg / 152lb): "I do modest to heavy strength training." Perfect for people who have a lot of experience is strength training.

- Men Professional (90kg / 198lb): "I am an expert in strength training and do heavy workouts." Perfect for experts in fitness and strength training.
How to adjust the resistance?
Each FlexPress Belt has a total of six removable resistance bands, so you can choose to use 2, 4 or 6 bands at a time to suit your workout. The easy plugged-in design makes the installation and removal process quick and easy. The more band that are attached to the belt the higher the resistance.

Example calculation: 
Male beginner 48kg : 6 bands = 8kg resistance per belt > If you use only 2 bands your total resistance is 16kg, making it perfect for some light weight excises like shoulder training.
Do the attach points swivel?
Yes! The attachments of the bar points swivel.
Are there any additional charges?
No, we have our customers covered! No additional charges will apply.
What is included? 
1 x FlexPress Unit (Resistance bands, exercise belt, handles)
1 x Travel Bag
1 x User Manual 
1 x Steel Puller Bar (optional upgrade, if selected)
Is it possible to increase the variety of exercises even further?
Yes you can! We have recently extended our line. Take a look at the FlexPress Straight String Extension Set below at this page. Add 45+ extra workouts to your training arsenal! 
How will my order be shipped?
Free Insured International Express Shipping

U.S.: Please allow for Handling & Shipping 4-6 working days (Mo-Fri). Your order will be shipped with USPS, DHL, FedEx from our U.S. warehouse

Canada: 6-9 working days from our CA warehouse

Germany & UK: 4-8 working days (Mo-Fri). Your order will be shipped with USPS, DHL, FedEx or Hermes from our German warehouse

other countries: approx. 10 working days for final delivery to your home address with USPS, FedEx, DHL. 

After your product is shipped, we will automatically send you an email containing logistics information (tracking link). You can check the logistics of your product at any time.
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Get The FlexPress Extension Set For 45+ Additional Workouts!

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FlexPress Straight String Extension Set

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