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i-Move It Dumbbells

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i-Move It Dumbbells

😛 No more boring and lonely weight training!😛 💪

The i-Move It Dumbbells are the  World’s first mobile-connected weights. In fact, they are a smart evolutionary personal gym that connects you to a social platform to track, explore, and share your training progress online.

The i-Move It Dumbbells are an effective all-in-one fitness equipment that provides you with the necessary tools for cardio and muscle endurance training.

The "i-Move It" Motto is about connecting people, keeping each other motivated, and moving healthier into the future together. Lose weight while playing!

With the connected app, you will be able to train with others or follow the predefined exercises according to your fitness goals. 

 Core benefits:

  • Built-in motion sensor module, working with Move It APP > records all your movements

  • fully customizable training plan and exercises within the app > track your daily progress and keep your motivation going!

  • connect with others through the app and train together on the "same screen" > can be connected to a TV

  • Lose weight while playing  > no boring repetitive weight exercises 

  • Real-time recognition of movements, recording of exercise time, recording of fat burning

  • Subversive smooth design > Small and exquisite without taking up space

  • great fitness tool to exercise on-the-go

 How to Use the  i-Move It Dumbbells

To charge, you have to remove the LCD screen from the dumbbell and connect it to a USB cord. It only takes 30 minutes to charge the device.

You can incorporate the i-Move Dumbbells in any exercise. You can do squats with dumbells to tone your behind. Also, you can use it to tone your biceps and triceps so that it is firm and evenly tones. Or you just follow the training in the app. Finally, a more convenient way to exercise on-the-go!


Package Content:

1 x Set of i-Move It Dumbbells

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Packaging Box


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