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M.R. Designer Series Anti-Theft Work & Travel Backpack

M.R. Designer Series Anti-Theft Work & Travel Backpack

M.R. Designer Series Anti-Theft Work & Travel Backpack

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*Limited Urban Edition*


Clever Anti-Theft Design + Easy USB Charging on the Go

Popular with City commuters and world travelers, our M.R. Designer Series Travel Backpack gives you serious peace of mind from prying eyes and hands thanks to a Special Anti-Theft Design. The backpack was designed so that you could only access its contents from the inner side which is mostly covered by your back. Other backpacks traditionally open via Zipper on top, on the side, or even in front. An integrated USB charging port is found on the side of the bag for Quick and Easy USB Charging On-The-Go. Carrying up to 35 L the bag can carry a lot of stuff. Carry your laptop, smartphone, tablet, textbooks, clothing and much more. High Quality and Premium Oxford, Resin Mesh, Polyester fabric, and Sturdy Zippers went into the construction of this bag. The bag is comfortable to wear thanks to the padded straps and mesh back.



High-Quality Polyester Fabric and Oxford

Premium Resin Mesh back and under straps

Sturdy Zipper

Anti-Theft Design

Convenient USB Charging port integrated

Size: 20-35L

Soft Handle Straps

Fits 15.6 inch Laptops





color: contrast grey/black



Delivery: 5-9 days to the U.S. via UPS


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