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Kunaha Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Kunaha Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Kunaha Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

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What is a Salt Lamp?

The Kunaha Himalayan Salt Lamp consists of a unique hand carved Salt Rock and special Neem Wood lamp foot. 

The Salt Rock is extracted directly from The Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. The salt crystals are unique to this area. Due to natural variations in Himalayan crystal salt weight, size, color, and shape may vary.

The Neem Lamp Foot wood is termite/corrosion free and the best suitable wood for salt lamps available. 


What are the benefits?

The salt comes to you in the form of a lamp, which, when lit, gives off what might be called a primordial glow, one part sunset, one part molten lava, creating a light source that has captivated all who see it. People say they love to sit beside the Kunaha Salt Lamp because they feel soothing, calming and relaxing at that time.

The potential health benefits are quite astonishing:

> CLEANSE & DEODORIZE THE AIR YOU BREATHE - Through Hygroscopy this Himalayan Pink Salt Rock Lamp removes dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air by trapping positive ions and releasing negative ions.

> REDUCE ALLERGY & ASTHMA SYMPTOMS - Reduces microscopic particles of dust, pet dander, mold, and mildew from the surrounding air creating the ideal environment of health.

> INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS & SLEEP BETTER - Increased concentrations of negative ions such as those generated by Kunaha Salt Lamps neutralize the positive ions that wreak havoc on our bodies.

> NEUTRALIZE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (EM) - As they emit negative ions into the air,Kunaha Himalayan salt lamps work to neutralize electromagnetic radiation which flows from our electronics. Constant exposure to EM radiation is known to cause chronic fatigue, decrease the body’s immune response, and increase stress levels among other things.





LED Light: will emit a calming Amber color and will automatically slowly switch colors between Orange, Blue, pink, red, green and purple

Power Connection: USB Cable

Material: 100% Himalayan high purity crystal salt

Size: The width is about 8cm, and it is about 12cm long (natural stone, each shape is different)

Because the material is natural salt from the Himalaya mountains, the color and shape of the stone may be slightly different from the picture.


Package Contents:
1 x Himalayan Salt Night Light with USB Cable


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