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BadBoys™ LED Exhaust Muffler Tip

BadBoys™ LED Exhaust Muffler Tip

BadBoys™ LED Exhaust Muffler Tip

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Fire Up Your Ride

Turn exhaust fumes & smoke into a flame shooting LED Lightstream!

The Badboys™ LED Exhaust Muffler Tip is the one design element you simply can not ignore!

It will make your Ford Mustang, Shelby Cobra, Jaguar, McLaren F1, Landrover, Audi Quattro, Porsche 911, or Mini truly look like a Bad Boy!

Turn your exhaust fumes and smoke into a LED Lightbeam which will leave your surroundings simply speechless and bewildered

One thing guaranteed - you will have the attention and looks on your side;-)

***** Wow, the visual effects of this bad boy are amazing, especially at night! The Tip is high-quality - my best car accessory ever! - Rodrigo Finistere -

Driving has never been more fun with the Badboys™ LED Exhaust Muffler Tip, featuring a high-quality stainless-steel Carbon fiber muffler tip to enhance the sound of your powerful beastlike engine. 

The creative design with the built-in LED Light in shiny red or blue color produces amazing visual effects, similar to flames shooting out of the already naughty looking exhaust pipe. 

Why you simply need the Badboys™ LED Exhaust Muffler Tip?

✅  Superior Quality Exhaust Tips: The carbon fiber muffler tip is resonated to enhance sound while protecting the exhaust pipe from sun/rain and avoiding rusting and deformation. Stainless-steal no rust guarantee. Protects the exhaust from early corrosion.

✅  Exhaust Pipe w/ LED Light: Creative design with LED Light when it's connected with your car/truck, producing amazing visual effects. A must-have for modified enthusiasts! LED Light is high-temperature resistant and battles the toughest rides.

✅  Universal Fit Cars/Trucks: 2.5 inches inside diameter inlet, 4 inches outside diameter outlet, 8-inch overall length, universal fit 30-63mm

✅  Clamp-on design, Easy to install in minutes: No well or drill needed.

*Warning: Not recommended for the average driver (please do not buy) - only suitable for automotive enthusiasts loving their vehicle more than anything else on the planet.  

How to install? 

1. Fix the  Badboys™ LED Exhaust Muffler on the car pipe and adjust its position and tighten the clamp.

2. Connect the red cable to positive, and black to iron.

3. Have a test to make sure the LED light works.

Two design options to choose from:

1. Crimping

2. Straight edge

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Will the LED Exhaust Muffler Tip heat up?

While driving the stainless steel body construction copes with very high temperatures. The LED light is protected by the carbon fiber cover and is not exposed to any heat. 

Is it legal to mount the LED Exhaust Muffler Tip?

Yes, it is.

If you intend to use the LED Light function please check your countries local vehicle modification law. For instance, the UK does not allow to fit any additional red lights to the back of the vehicle, on the contrary Canada allows only red lights on the back.

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