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Kauai 4G Touchscreen ECG Smart Watch

Kauai 4G Touchscreen ECG Smart Watch

Kauai 4G Touchscreen ECG Smart Watch

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A smartwatch is the ultimate phone accessory. It can, of course, read the time, but it can also send important notifications directly to your wrist, track your fitness statistics and pay for your morning coffee.

Today's best smartwatch models can perform a variety of tricks. For example, you can use your voice to search the Internet, track your location using GPS, or even monitor your heart rate to protect your overall health.


Measuring heart rate with the Kauai 4G Smart Watch

If you want to get a truly accurate heart rate measurement, the best results are achieved with a smartwatch monitor. Nowadays, most heart rate monitors not only provide an accurate measure of your heart rate, but they can also store the values ​​so they can be recalled later, or help you track your activities like a fitness band and give you text messages and e-mail notifications like a phone.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect heart rate. If you find you have a consistently high or low heart rate, it is best to contact your doctor immediately. In this way, you can see what disease affects your heart, and consider the right treatment to keep the heart under control.

This is crucial because constantly reading the heartbeat in the health app is essential for correlating workouts and heart rate. In addition to your heart rate measurement, the watch collects more data to get an estimate of the calories burned.

However, if you are cycling outdoors, the watch will start using the GPS in your phone, if available, to track your activity with high accuracy for the most accurate estimate of calories burned. The watch learns about your overtime to follow the training sessions without a phone.

What people do not understand is that your heart rate is constantly changing, and there is a consistency in this trend, and when that consistency increases, this is the first sign of a problem.

What if there was a smartwatch with the latest technology that could continuously monitor your heart rate around the clock?

The design of the Kauai 4G Smartwatch comes from group engineers who wanted a smartwatch that could be worn for outdoor activities and fits the business environment in terms of functions and design as well. 

With their own experience and recently released technology, they have developed a design for the ultimate smartwatch that can be worn even in demanding activities. Working with a design team, they managed to create a robust and stylish smartwatch.

To find out what was unique about this watch, we need to look at the details.


Blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor

With the help of the built-in blood oxygen meter, one can closely monitor the oxygen saturation and the pulse of the blood, to avoid the tedious way to the hospital. It can estimate your physical condition anytime, anywhere and therefore effectively prevent hazards. If you come across hypoxia, you can detect it early and greatly reduce the change in the onset of the disease.



Every day you receive messages and notifications from social media and emails. However, you can not be expected to remove your phone every second. However, this does not apply to people who work in a demanding business environment. Every notification and every message is important. Your smartphone helps to solve this problem. However, you can not reach your phone immediately.

This is where smart bracelets come into play. They look like modern pagers if you like. You can visually see if you have a message, email, or notification that requires your attention immediately if you just watch the band.

You do not have to check your phone every time, and what's interesting, it has some great features that can improve your everyday life.

Because of the type of operating systems included with these devices, you can install Android apps (or iOS apps) that record heart rate, calories, blood pressure, and more. It's a revolutionary technology that can improve and one day even save your life!


20 functions in one

  • ECG

  • heart rate

  • Blood pressure measurement

  • blood oxygen

  • sedentary reminder

  • Drinking water reminder

  • steps

  • sleep quality monitor

  • multiple Sport Modes

  • Elevation

  • Air-pressure

  • Ultraviolet Light

  • Stopwatch / Timing

  • Alarm Clock

  • Find a Phone

  • Caller Information

  • Raise your hand to brighten

  • Music Control

  • Remote Photography

  • Watch Payment

  • waterproof operation

  • Outstanding Battery Capacity: Stand by time: 20 days; in operation 5-7 days





Is that a watch for you? If you're looking for a full-featured, state-of-the-art smartwatch, the Kauai 4G SmartWatch is for you.

Most of you probably already know in which price range smartwatches are sold. It is not uncommon for the more popular to sell for $ 400 or more.

And to be honest, this watch could also be easily sold at this price. With extremely strong design and high-tech features. Latest technology built this clock!

But even in that sense, the price of the Kauai 4G might surprise you.

Buy this watch for your loved one or be selfish;-) or both whether you use it in your everyday life or during demanding outdoor sports - you will be pleased with this watch.



1 x Kauai Smartwatch

1 x Wristband (silicon or steel strip)

1 x User Manual


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