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FlexTab 360 Rotatable Faucet

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Why do I need the FlexTab? What is it good for?

  • Fill Buckets That Usually Don't Fit
  • Easily Wash Your Face, Gargle, Or Drink Water
  • Easy To Install; Fits On A Standard Faucet!
  • Reduce Water Usage And Save Money With Eco Stream
  • Introduces Air into the water stream to produce a larger and whiter stream that is soft to touch and non-splashing
  • three built-in filters for cleaner and fresher water
  • Easily Wash Sink And Dishes


What do our customers say? 


"The FlexTab is incredibly useful! The water sprays with much more force if I want to clean something. On the other hand, it is in stream mode very soft and gentle to my skin. Overall I save a lot of water and finally have the flexibility to get the water where I need it to be."

Martina Gerhardt

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  Expand your possibilities – FlexTap provides you with the perfect multi-tasking tool. Use your entire sink, fill large buckets, easily wash your face or drink directly from the tap. The choice is yours.

  Save liters of water every week – FlexTap uses up to 35% less water and provides up to 60% more power, making your home more eco with every liter used.

  Switch between cleaning and stream settings – FlexTap allows you to switch between cleaning and stream settings instantly, making it just as suitable for cleaning fruit as it is for washing extremely dirty dishes

Industrial Quality For Commercial Duty:

Sturdy Copper, ABSbody for extra durability and longevity. This item also includes reinforced double O-ring valves that ensure that all leaks are prevented.

Stream Setting

Ideal for rinsing out the sink, especially with the combination of 360° movement to ensure every corner is spotless.

Stream to be eco. Our stream setting is designed to save as much as 35% of water compared to a traditional tap. The average household uses 124 liters of water a day, so why not reduce your water consumption without sacrificing your daily usage? Good for the environment, and even better for your wallet.

Cleaning Setting

Switching the tap from stream to cleaning delivers a water jet that’s up to 60% more powerful than a standard faucet. That means faster cleaning, less water consumption, and less money spent on water overall—power without the price.


Multiple Protective Layers

5 Layers of chrome making the FlexTab resistant to corrosion


Please choose between two available versions:

A: V-type universal double-gear bubbler-24 external wire feed wrench, adjustable up and down to a large angle

B: V-type universal double-gear bubbler-22 internal wire feed wrench, adjustable up and down to a large angle

Package Content:

1 x FlexTab 360 Rotatable Faucet



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Frequently Asked Questions

.: Can I fit the FlexTap™ on any faucet?

The FlexTap™ is specifically designed to work on all bathroom and kitchen faucets, so it’s a versatile solution for any room with a tap! Please check the diameter of your tap and choose either or 24 or 22 mm FlexTap Version.

Installation guide:

1. Disassemble the original bubbler and measure the size

2. Select the appropriate connector, put in the gasket and tighten (24 external connection does not have this step)

3. Put the gasket on the main interface and tighten it

4. Rotate to the right to tighten

5. Water connection debugging, installation is complete

.: How do I install the FlexTap™?

We provide clear instructions with every order, but all you need to do is remove the current faucet attachment, and replace it with the new FlexTap ™ attachment. It’s that easy.

.: Is FlexTap™ easy to clean?

All you need to keep your FlexTap ™ shiny and fresh is a household cloth with your usual cleaning products – and occasionally some limescale removal and prevention products to prevent buildup.

.: Does the FlexTap™ rust?

FlexTap ™ is made of stainless steel – so it cannot rust. It’ll last as long as you need it!

.: Are there multiple settings for the FlexTap™?

There are two settings available for the FlexTap ™: stream and cleaning. "Stream" is the gentler mode, while cleaning is more powerful – as the name suggests.

.: Can I return the FlexTap™ if it doesn’t work for me?

We offer a 30-day return policy on every FlexTap we sell, so if our product isn’t quite right for you, you can return it for a full refund within this time.

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