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The best Kids GPS Watch we have tested: Introducing the new Gator 3

Are you sometimes worried where your child is and what he or she is doing?

According to the FBI in 2017 there were 464,324 NCIC entries for missing children in the U.S. alone. And numbers are continuously increasing year on year. A nightmare for all affected parents. 



But there is an effective solution:

Have peace of mind with the brand new Gator 3G Touch Kids Smartwatch!

What makes the Gator 3 unique?

The Gator 3 convinces where most other Tracking GPS watches disappoint:

  • Accurate GPS Tracking and highest Reliability

  • Easy Setup and fully compatible with U.S telecom networks

  • extremely long Battery Lifetime: 4 days stand by time

  • enables free 911 emergency calls without Sim-Card in the U.S.

  • Security: end to end encrypted

  • Splashproof: rugged casing to cope with all your kids' adventures

  • Lightweight: 40 g

  • less screentime: no games, social media or internet 



The Gator 3G Touchscreen in the Media

Let every kid have the right to explore the world safely!

The Gator 3G Touchscreen is designed to keep your loved ones safe and enable parents to keep a closer eye on your child's location via the special designed App - Gator.

The Gator 3G Touchscreen provides you an easy and effective way to protect your loved ones from facing the frightening moments. Once an emergency or a problem happened, kids just need to press an SOS button to alert 3 contacts till one of them pick the phone up.

Besides, parents do not need to worry about unknown people to call or text to your child because you can set up white lists for 13 people, and only whose numbers assigned to the App can make phone calls or text to your kids.

Moreover, parents can set up Safe-zones on the maps via Gator App which will send push notifications when your kids enter or leave one of the zones. 


  • 2 Way Calling

  • accurate Location

  • History Routes

  • Safe Zones

  • SOS Alarm

  • Pedometer

  • School Mode

  • Voice Mail

  • Remote Voice Monitor



 Curious? Please feel free to take a look here:

Let me know if you need help.

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